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DEI Services

DEI Services

DEI Services

Strategic Planning

At Culture Cultivators, we believe that creating an inclusive and equitable organization begins with a well-defined strategy. Our experienced team works closely with your organization’s leadership to develop a comprehensive DEI strategic plan. We conduct thorough assessments, analyze your current state, and collaborate with key stakeholders to establish clear goals and actionable steps that are specific to your organization’s needs. Our strategic planning services pave the way for sustainable change and foster an environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion thrive.

DEI Engagement Surveys

Understanding the culture of your organization is crucial in driving meaningful change. Our DEI engagement surveys provide valuable insights into your employees’ experiences, perceptions, and needs related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through carefully crafted survey questions and analysis, we uncover key areas for improvement and highlight strengths. The data collected informs our recommendations and helps shape tailored strategies to enhance employee engagement, belonging, and overall satisfaction.

Qualitative Assessments

Numbers only tell part of the story. Our qualitative assessments delve deeper, capturing the lived experiences of individuals within your organization. Through interviews, focus groups, and interactive sessions, we create safe spaces for employees to share their perspectives, challenges, and aspirations. Our qualitative assessments complement quantitative data, allowing us to identify underlying issues, uncover untapped potential, and develop targeted interventions that address the unique needs of your organization.

Training & Workshops

Education and awareness are essential for building a culture of inclusion. Our training and workshops provide employees at all levels with the knowledge, skills, and tools to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. We offer a wide range of interactive sessions, including unconscious bias awareness, inclusive leadership, cultural competency, and bystander intervention. Our experienced facilitators create engaging and transformative learning experiences that empower individuals to champion inclusive practices within your organization. To learn more about our DEI courses please click here

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